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    Network Integration Services Unit (NISU): It is a unit that focuses on Network Planning, Design and Implementation. NISU has network Engineers who are certified in variety of disciplines such as Microsoft, Unix, Cisco, 3Com, Nortel and others. Our Engineers can carry out networks planning and design projects for LANs, WANs, Security Systems and Next Generation Networks.



    System Integration Services Unit (SISU) is a unit that specializes in Systems Management, Systems Integration and specialist applications of software. The SISU has expertise in MS, Unix, Java and others. The unit has carried out projects involving ISP back office set up and integration.



    Telecom Integration Services Unit (TISU) is a Unit that specializes in public Networks applications, Microwave and Radio Systems. The Unit has certified Engineers in variety of environments such as California Microwave, NEC, Marconi, Redback and others.



    Site Preparation Services Unit (SPSU), is a unit that is specializes in network infrastructure projects. SPSU has a number of Engineers and Technicians with certifications in Civil, Fiber Optic, Structured Cabling Systems from reputable Companies such as AMP (of Tyco), Lucent, Ortronics, BICC and others.